Amsterdam Coffee Amsterdam Spirit

Patricia Coffee Liqueur.  Made in Amsterdam with Amsterdam Coffee and Amsterdam Spirit.

The question we get asked all the time of course is – who is Patricia?  

The truth is that we all know her.  She’s that moment, when the night drifts into surreal fantasy with a splash of adventure.  She’s all the mysterious people we connect to and lose during a strange night out, anda celebration of late nights under neon lights, of midnight streets both empty and full.

She’s the sweet girl doing shots at the bar with her friends – she’s the mysterious one with the leather jacket under a flickering neon sign – she’s the girl who with a laugh asks if your shirt is made from boyfriend material and she’s the one who with a wink and a smile, makes you promise that you’ll one day name something after her. 

She’s that person we’ve all met once in our life and spend the rest of our lives wondering ‘what if’. She’s sweet, she’s bitter, and if you have too much she’ll set your heart pounding away at a million miles an hour – she’ll linger in your mouth long after she’s gone.